Salman Knit Composite Ltd.

Factory Name:Salman Knit Composite Ltd.
Year of Establishment:2001
Floor Space:25000 ft.
Production Capacity:500000 pcs (Per Month)
Exporting to:EEC, Canada, USA & Other Countries
Use of yarn:20-40 Counts 100%Combed/Carded Blended Yarn
Weight of Fabrics:100 to 220 gm per sqm for the single jersey.
200-400 gm per sqm for interlock and other knit items
Size of Tubular Fabrics:38 t0 102 cm
Without Tubular:Any size
Main Products:All types of knitted T-shirts, Tank Tops, Long Sleeve, Turtle, Neck-Shirt, Vest, Polo Shirt and Fancy Items for Men’s, Boys and Ladies.