We Have Our own laboratory equipped with all latest technology and our lab expert assure the best matching of color pantone or color swatches provided by the buyer , moreover they always assure the color fastness, rubbing, spirally & shrinkage in lowest tolerance. We are very much conscious about our Dying unit that’s why set up latest, sophisticated, machineries, at our dying unit such as Hi-temperature dyeing machine from Turkey. World famous ballooning squeezer (Sweden), Stenter Machine (Korea), flat compactor from Italy, Tube compactor from USA and others machineries imported from Korea, Taiwan & Turkey.

For dyeing we use only azo free reactivedystuff and formaldehyde free chemicals imported from Germany & Switzerland.

Above all we maintain “Oeko Tex Standerd-100

Machine Type: Atmospheric Overflow, HT Machine (Her strong, Man mool, Woo yang, Dilmenler Brand-Origin of Taiwan, Korea, Turkey)
Laboratories: Lab Machine, Spectrophotometer, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, PH Meter, Pilling Tester, Rubbing Tester, LightBox.
Finishing: Squeezer, Dryer (4 Chamber), Calendar, Soft Setting Calendar, Compactor, Heat Setting Machine, Mercerizing Machine, Slitting Machine, Stander (8 chambers) Open Compactor, Rising M/C.
Utility – Boiler, Gas generator, Water Pump, Compressor, Sub Station, Diesel generator.


Production capacity:30 ton (per day)
Production Space:250000 sq.ft
Manpower:700 Person